Regular driving

  • Gokart 10 min: 145,-
  • Gokart 15 min: 195,-

Formula 1. 25 min: 295,-

  • 15 min. Timetrials
  • 10 min. Finale

Formel 1. 50 min: 578,-

  • 25 min Timetrials
  • 30 min Finale


  • min. height 120 cm
  • sobriety 100%
  • Helmet cap ( 20,-)

About Go-Kart in Action House

  • Topspeed: 70 km/t (44mph)
  • Automatic timing


  • Dino 200 kubik
  • 4-stroke
  • Tuned to 8.5 / 9 hk

- The coolest Go-Kart Track in Denmark with it all- Action Acceleration and speed

Action House’s indoor go-kart track is the longest and one of the very best  go-kart tracks in Denmark

The go-kart course at Action House Funcenter is indoors and has been expanded over several laps - so today we can stand one of the country's absolute best, longest and fastest go-kart tracks in Denmark. In fact, we are Denmark's and therefore also Northern Europe's largest indoor go-kart course. With the latest expansion of the track, we can call us the world's largest go-kart center. The course is clearly worth driving after, whether you come from North Jutland, the rest of Jutland, Funen. Zealand. Location just 20 km. from Hjørring and Brønderslev and 45 km. from Aalborg.

Release your inner racing driver and try a ride in one of our Dino 200 cubic 4-stroke tuners at 8.5 / 9 hp and up to 70 km / h. on the over 1 km-long lane, where you can drive up to 30 go-karts simultaneously.
We offer more package solutions and different races in our center. Typically, run between 10 and 25 minutes. On the go-kart track, we notice that it may be hard for the body and the arms to drive in a go-kart if you are not used to it. For those who are trained to drive a go-kart we recommend a 50 min. Lux Formula 1 package.
We notice that it may happen that you will drive with others on the pitch if less than 20 people.

Formula 1 go-kart race (25 min.)
The race starts with 15 minutes time drive, where it is for each driver to achieve the fastest time of operation. The fastest-time participant will then receive Pole - Possision (front) when the final Formula 1 final run is run. Book your Formula 1 race here.

Child Gokart
As one of the only go-kart centers throughout Denmark, children have the opportunity to drive a go-kart here in the Action House. Age requirement of 7 years and a minimum height of 120 cm. However, the requirements for driving a go-kart are required. Action House has 2 different sizes in children's kart, and we note that it is our instructor who decides which carting the children should drive in, even though the children have been driving a go-kart before. Children can drive every day year round, however, it is best to go with other children in the period  in the mornings in high season. However, we also recommend outside the high season, all weekdays the rest of the year that the best time is in the morning if you have the opportunity, otherwise we will find something together

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