Lasergame pris per person

  • 12 min. 75,- dkkr.
  • 20 min. 95,- dkkr.
  • 30 min 120,- dkkr.

Lasergame info

  • 3 floors lane
  • 600 square meters
  • up to 32 players in one game

Lasergame info

  • Lasermaxx vest and guns
  • Up to 6 different colors hold
  • Point Card for all the players

Come try our Lasermaxx

Here you have permission to shoot the mother, father, boss, colleagues and whoever else you might be tired of. You can NOT be punished!

Your heart is pounding, sweat trickles and you at your best when you pit your skills against the enemy. The new Laser Maxx laser game equipment is the leader in the European market. The many features of Laser Maxx equipment garante an entertaining experience with your family, friends or colleagues. A battle in the Laser Maxx in Action House gives you an experience you will never forget.

300 sqrft. great arena in 3 floors! It’s room enough for op to 35 people to hunt eachother! You can play deathmatch, or in Teams up to 6 different colors.

We do pay attention to that on some dayse will be able to play along with other groups / families.

About the game:
The lane is 600 sqm in 3 floors. It is possible enough for a maximum of 32 people and a minimum of 2 people to let the game start! You can play all against everyone, or in teams up to 6 different colors teams. The West counts all the points together, you get 100 points to hit an opponent, -25 if you hit one player on your team, and you lose 50 points each time you get hit and are dead when you die, the light goes out in the west and the gun does not work for 5 seconds and the west will say "do not give up, dont give up, and finally keep going". (The West says "Well done" when you hit an opponent) You are so dead for 5 seconds but can not be shot again after 6 seconds, so you have one second's lead to the others when you have died. In addition, the display on the west can see who it is that has hit one. When the game is over, the result will be achieved by checking into laser games on the TV screen. You can also get a printout of the game, where you can see how many times you shot each other individually, how many shots you have used and how good a frame percentage you have.
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