Shooting simulator

Prices for renting the hunting lodge

  • 1/2 time 299,- kr.
  • 1 time 499,- kr.

The shooting simulator can be combined with all our packages deals. We also put together a package according to your wishes.

Male evening (ladies can also attend)

  • 25 min Gokart Formel 1∗
  • Shooting simulator
  • 1 hour bowling∗
  • eating

From only 476,-∗ dkkr. per person. min. 4 person

idea for family fun

This is a very good activity for the whole family as it is an activity everyone can participate in young as elderly, and is not addicted to the weather as it happens indoors in our hunting lodge. - Then let go of your inner hunter.


Come and try our fun, shooting simulator (laser cinema)

In our shooting simulation in Action House you will be able to experience hunting and shooting pleasure in a safe, exciting and comfortable way.
Laserkino's shooting simulator is the most accurate shooting simulator on the market - and even the most uncomplicated to use. The system is calibrated in less than 1 second and the simulated shooting is performed in an outstanding high graphic quality and with precision less than 1 millimeter.
you shoot with realistic-looking attrap weapon: laser rifle, laser shotgun, and laser gun. 


Action House Laser Cinema Shooter Simulator has 14 shooting modes. When shooting with its laser weapon on a white wall, the precision camera (through a complicated set of algorithms) reads where the laser shutter is less than 1 millimeter accuracy. The shooting program is set to the front so that the speed at which you carry your weapon will be recognized where the shot is relative to the running / flying game.
All shooting programs are of very high graphical quality with realistic hunting scenes. In all shooting programs, it is possible to adjust the difficulty according to their personal shooting skills: you can thus vary the speed at which the game runs / flies and you can vary the size of the game. This allows the shooting simulator to be adapted to all levels of shooting skills - from beginners to experts.

We recommend a maximum of 14 people in the cabin at a time

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