Vex Virtuel Reality

VEX Virtuel Reality

Come try Action House's new activity: Vex Virtual Reality as open May 10, 2019

Put on the virtual glasses and equipment and move on mission with friends, family or colleagues at our new Vex Virtual Reality, on our course you will be able to both smell and feel wind, heat and vibration as well.

The game is called Mission Z, where you enter a dark and creepy mansion, and here there are zombies that you have to fight and try to find a way out before it's too late.

The age requirement is 12 years

Up to 4 people can play at once.

NOTE: alcohol must only be consumed in limited quantities before participating in Virtual Reality. We reserve the right to refuse highly intoxicated guests access to our VEX Virtual Reality. It is only the employees in the center that take this assessment.

Virtuel Reality Info


12 min Mon-Thu 99,- pr. pers.

12 min Fri-Sun 129,- pr. pers.

24 min Mon-Thu 179,- pr. pers.

24 min Fri-Sun 199,- pr. pers.


Quantity: 1-4 pers

Game time 12 min.

Age min. 12 years

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